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About Us

At Beverage Hills, we are Melbourne based liquor merchants who are proud and dedicated suppliers of Indian and Australian beer, wine and spirits.

Importing to Australia
We import India’s finest wines from Charosa Vineyards, Nashik Valley, which is available at leading wine bars and Indian restaurants in Melbourne. View our range of Charosa wines here. (link to Portfolio – Australian market)

Export to India
We have partnered with Australia’s leading wineries, breweries and distilleries to export a wide range of Australian made beverages to India. If you are an Indian liquor importer and would like to enhance your portfolio with some aussie daaru (link to Indian Market portfolio), please reach out here (link to Contact Us form). Sab kuch mileaga

2016: Established BH
2017: Partnered with Charosa Vineyards
2018: Partnered with Melbourne Moonshine
2019: Be the 1st one to know…..

What our partners and customers are saying about us

Gamechangers. It’s great to see a new age business promoting newer world Indian wines

Banjo Harris Plane

Chief Wine Officer - Wine Gallery
Absolute pleasure working with these guys (Beverage Hills). Keep up the good work!!!! 

Daryl Wisely

Director – Esteem Beverages
Probably the coolest distributors in Melbourne catering to the bhang-ing Indian hospitality scene. (in town/in Melbourne)

Justin Venue

Manager Bhang Indian Restaurant and Bar
Its good to have experts in Indian Wine in a wine-loving country like Australia.

Giuseppe Roccuzzo

Sommelier – Ish Bar and Restaurant

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